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Audit and Assurance

Independent auditors play an important role in maintaining investor confidence, while assisting Management and Board of Directors to unlock efficiency opportunities within an organisation.

At Lambourne Partners, we take our role as independent auditors as an extremely important one. As such, we ensure all assurance engagements are completed by highly competent, trained and skilled staff who are equipped with the best technologies to ensure stakeholder confidence can be maintained.

Lambourne Partners Audit and Assurance division has detailed knowledge in the provision of the following:

  • Financial statement audits;
  • Internal audit;
  • Risk management;
  • Preparation and presentation of financial statements;
  • Probity audits; and
  • Compliance audits and grant funding acquittals

The key points of difference between a Lambourne Partners audit and other service providers include:

Senior-led approach to every engagement:

Lambourne Partners are in the enviable position that our firm structure ensures all engagements are delivered with a high level of seanior personnel, while being significantly cost conscious. This approach ensures that the people that are making the audit decisions and key judgements are completing the work. This reduces the need for re-work or additional queries once reviewed by the Manager or Partner.

We take pride in the knowledge that the majority of our client-base and new clients into the practice are from existing client referrals. We believe this is the best endorsement for our practice.

Significant experience:

The Lambourne Partners audit and assurance team has extensive experience and knowledge in the completion of audits and advisory services to a large range of organisation and industries. This includes, but is not limited to, the following types:

  • Stock exchange listed;
  • Government and state-owned corporations;
  • Largely privately owned;
  • Foreign owned;
  • Financial services (including ASIC Australian Financial Services License);
  • Companies limited by guarantee;
  • Not-for-profits;
  • Co-operatives;
  • Land councils;
  • Incorporated associations; and
  • Unincorporated associations.

At Lambourne Partners, we offer cost effective audit and assurance services to clients with small scale operations to organisations with revenue is excess of $100M.

Efficient and value adding services based upon Australian standards:

Lambourne Partners audit approach focuses on the completion of audit procedures throughout the financial year, with an emphasis on working directly with the Finance and Management Team to resolve the key audit issues prior to year-end. 

The Lambourne Partners audit methodology, while designed to ensure an audit opinion is able to be provided over the financial statements, also focuses on understanding the commercial considerations of an organisation. We focus on understanding all key cycles and procedures within an organisation, while giving consideration to actual and planned changes to legislation and practice. It is through this understanding that we can add real value to our clients through our audit process, by drawing upon our experiences and identifying opportunities for governance improvement and efficiency opportunities.

Advisory services focused on risks and laws and regulations compliance

Our clients operate in complex regulatory environments, with legislation impacting many key decisions and operational practices. The consequences of failing to properly manage risks can have a significant impact on our clients’ operations. Given this, the Lambourne Partners audit methodology ensures these compliance areas receive additional focus.

Our advisory and audit procedures largely focused on compliance with laws and regulations that impact on our clients’ licensing and/or regulatory compliance. This consideration is in addition to the reporting requirements under the Corporations Act, Australian Securities and Investment Commission, Australian Taxation Office, Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission and any other applicable reporting requirement.


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