Aged Care
Aged Care

Its important to understand your options before making any decisions in relation to aged care

The decision to move a loved one to an aged care facility is often an emotionally confronting time. It’s also a time to make several important financial decisions, which may need to be done in a relatively short time frame.

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When confronted with making these decisions, all options must be considered to ensure that the decision does not negatively impact the client, spouse, or even potential future beneficiaries.

Many things need to be considered, including how accommodation payments will be made, how income and assets are treated for the calculation of ongoing care fees and Centrelink assessment, and ensuring sufficient funding of ongoing costs for both those receiving care and remaining spouses. This involves looking at the impact of any decisions today and in the years ahead.

Common Questions About Aged Care

Some of the common questions or areas of advice that often need to be considered when it comes to aged care include:

  • Are there other options for care apart from entering an aged care facility?
  • What types of fees are payable in aged care, and how much will I pay?
  • How can I afford to pay for care?
  • What happens if a spouse, carer or family member wishes to stay in the house after someone moves into care?
  • Should the house be sold, maintained or rented?
  • What paperwork do I need to complete, and when?
  • Can some qualify as a low means resident (this means the Government will fund part of the costs), and is this a good thing?
  • Can you move facilities and what are the consequences?

Most of these questions will have different answers depending on a person’s situation, so it’s important to understand what is relevant in each case. For some general answers to these common questions, read our Aged Care Basics here:

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We Can Help

At Lambourne Partners, we have accredited aged care specialists who can assist you in understanding your options in relation to this and the ongoing impacts into the future. Its often beneficial to start this process as soon as possible so get in contact with us to organise an appointment to discuss your situation and the possible options that may exist.

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Aged Care


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