LP Consulting
LP Consulting

Tailored business consulting for complex commercial problems and goals

$10m+ Revenue

Via strategic international expansion. Industry: Food manufacturing

32% Increase

Manufacturing gross margins. Industry: Mining services

$500k Saved

Interest saving over life of loan. Industry: Mining services

65% Reduction

Ongoing processing hours. Industry: Primary production

$21m Startup Funding

Secured via complex business modelling. Industry: Technology & Robotics

$4m Debt Cleared

Via cash flow planning & asset rationalisation. Industry: Mining services

Built around decades of expertise, LP Consulting rises above day-to-day accounting to focus on achieving your commercial ambitions.

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The Lambourne Partners Consulting team helps business owners and directors tackle the complex areas of running a business to make your goals a reality.

Your compliance-related accounting is handled by our expert business services team, while we focus on delivering forward-looking advice, insights and strategy. We do this proactively, based on a deep analysis and understanding of your operations, finances and the relevant data.

Our services are always tailored, but typical scopes of work include:

  • Personalised strategy, forward planning, Financial Action Plans and cash flow budgeting that are constantly aligned to your goals
  • Analysis of operational and financial data, with recommendations, regular reporting and meetings, and structured actions and follow-ups
  • Complex business modelling and cash flow forecasting, that’s high quality, repeatable and input-based
  • Business valuations and succession planning, including employee share sale agreements, family equity arrangements and sale strategy
  • Consulting on complex business problems & requirements, for example:

Our client company had been involved in food manufacturing for over 40 years across multiple Australian states. Looking to expand internationally via a joint venture, they engaged our Consulting team to provide strategic planning assistance, assess the viability of the overseas market, forecast ROI, and access grant assistance. To date, the new joint venture has generated revenues in excess of $10m.

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After recently purchasing a successful mining services business, the new Director engaged our Consulting team for Virtual CFO services in order to help the growth and profitability of the business. Initially, we investigated the financial health and position of the business, implemented a regular reporting regime to the Board, and took steps to combat rising interest costs. After implementing a new cash flow strategy and rationalisation of assets, the business was able to clear $4 million in business purchase debt in a single year, saving over $500,000 in interest.

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A large scale mining manufacturer was profitable, however a key department consistently performed below their quoted and budgeted margins. They engaged with our Consulting team to conduct analysis at a job-by-job level, slicing data by customer, job type, team, suppliers involved, etc. Findings were compared with their historical quote register data to uncover gaps in the quoting process and achieve a 32% improvement in manufacturing gross margins.

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A technology & robotics company developed an innovation with the potential to transform the way mining activities are conducted in Australia. To secure finance, an advanced strategic model and per-asset cashflow schedule was required, amongst other complexities. Our Consulting team was engaged to provide an in-depth strategic model for business performance and cash flow modelling, helping to unlock $21 million in funding.

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Our client had been operating primary production and wholesaling activitie across NSW for over 20 years. The Board engaged our Consulting team during a complex software and process transition to help streamline new business processes, and complete regular stakeholder financial reporting. Our consulting developed new reporting templating, reducing processing time and costs from an average of 15 hours per month down 65% to under 3 hours.

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  • Market & industry analysis
  • Software implementation & advice
  • Product pricing analysis
  • New asset & service line modelling
  • Employee cost & wage modelling
  • Scenario analysis & planning
  • Performance benchmarking
  • Management process analysis & implementation
  • Financial process analysis & implementation
  • Grant support identification & application
  • Export strategy

Whether you’re looking to scale, expand, plan for succession, or unlock greater potential in your business, our Consulting team can guide you there.

For a complimentary meeting to discuss how Lambourne Partners Consulting can help in your business, contact us below, or if you’re an existing client, just ask your trusted advisor about this service.

LP Consulting


For a complimentary meeting to discuss LP Consulting, contact our Business Advisory Manager Ben Wilson below or by phone or email. We can normally meet within a week.

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This large scale mining manufacturer was profitable, however a key department consistently performed below their quoted and budgeted margins. They engaged with our Consulting team to conduct analysis at a job-by-job level, slicing data by customer, job type, team, suppliers involved, etc. Findings were compared with their historical quote register data to uncover gaps in the quoting process and improve the achieved margins.

A local real estate agency had become comfortable in its practices and noticed that their market share was slipping during a Newcastle housing boom. They engaged with our Consulting team to benchmark their performance against the industry, and track Key Performance Indicators at both a whole of business level and an individual agent level. Our team was able to use an extensive database of real estate data from local businesses to provide more relevant information on the market based on Lambourne’s involvement with the industry in other departments.

This local food product manufacturer was working with Lambourne’s for regular advice meetings and KPI tracking on a quarterly basis. The reporting provided to the business was complex, based in excel and required several hours from senior staff to complete. Our Consulting team was able to transition this reporting to a new software platform, which included automation of inputs and calculations. This software package has materially reduced the hours required to produce reporting, allowing us to meet with the client monthly instead of quarterly, at no additional cost to the client.

After experiencing a period of significant growth and profitability, well ahead of planned timeframes, a skin care clinic identified that staff performance was a key driver of this success. They wanted to reward staff and help to ensure retention, so they engaged LP Consulting to analyse the profitability of the business and determine the appropriate level of profit-share as a regular reward for staff. We then devised a repeatable process for tracking and calculating staff bonuses using their existing clinic management systems.

An industrial engineering consultancy business undertakes large scale, highly skilled projects for tier one mining companies required a new job management software solution after their existing provider went into receivership. This created a short window of time to overhaul their processes before their existing software support ceased, so they engaged LP Consulting to provide recommendations and implementation support on the new job management software, including integrations with their quoting and accounting software. Seeing the benefits of our recommendations, the business owners also sought further engagement to provide ongoing financial support and supervision in the business.