by Gemma Williams
When it comes to success, I believe women understate their success when compared to their male colleagues. Do we take the time to stop and reflect on our successes, and celebrate them? Do we view our success rather like a milestone on the road to the next goal? Or are we too focused on fighting to keep what we worked so hard to achieve to feel like we can celebrate it?

Let me shamelessly share with you my successes. At the age of 25 I undertook a Bachelor of Commerce via online distant education as a mature age student. I commenced my degree whilst working full-time in an administrative role in the construction industry. Two years on I took a risk by changing my career path and accepted a trainee accountant position at Lambourne Partners. Fast-forward six years later to June 2020 when my career change and hard work came to fruition. With my degree and Chartered Accountant designation finalised, I became an equity partner at Lambourne Partners.

In my two years as an equity partner I have successfully retained and continue to grow my client base, actively contributed to the management and success of Lambourne Partners as a firm, with my most recent accomplishment being named a finalist in the 2021 Women in Finance Awards – Small Business Adviser award.

When I reflect on my achievements I believe planning and self-belief has been key to this success.

Planning for Success

Planning has a starting point and an end point (goal), and everything in between is the how.

  • Determine the goal – this is your Why
  • The Why will keep you focused – try and include an ideal timeframe to ensure you reach your goal
  • The How is the steps you’ll need to take – don’t be afraid to seek mentors to help you with the How
  • Variables will impact the How – plan for the known variables or you run the risk of extending the time it will take you to reach your goal.

Determining the ‘How’ is where the hard work happens. For me, this required self-assessment and seeking honest and constructive feedback from my mentors to identify my shortcomings and where I could best focus my efforts to reach my goal. Accountability through regular check-ins on my progress were essential.

The Importance of Self-Belief and Celebrating Achievements

Self-belief is that extra kick of motivation you need to keep you going and give you the courage to pick yourself back up when you hit some of those variables. Remind yourself that anything is possible, and find a support network that will do this for you when you need it.

On reflection, I think I am modest about my successes because I view them more like milestones on the road to bigger successes, and I don’t feel like my achievements are particularly special. Plenty of people before me have realised the same achievements, and plenty of people after me will as well. However, I think celebrating achievements and success are important. This gives you the opportunity to look back at how far we have come and feel proud of the personal growth.

It is also important to shine a light on what is achievable for the next generation of ambitious young people, to see what is possible and make them feel inspired to challenge themselves.

Are You Ready to Plan for Your Success?

Here are my tips to help you on your way:

  • Determine and articulate your goals and timeframe (ideal role/position/salary)
  • Don’t be afraid to communicate your ambitions to your family, employer, and colleagues
  • Find a mentor/coach to support you and keep you accountable
  • Be honest with yourself about your short-comings and the areas you need to work on
  • Develop a plan for attaining your goals
  •  Celebrate the milestones!

As an Associate Partner at Lambourne Partners, I’m also passionate about helping businesses plan for success with forward thinking strategies. To contact me to discuss your business, simply enter your details in the form below or call 02 4969 6600 and we can arrange a complimentary meeting.

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