by Chad Nean
Here at Lambourne Partners, we are always looking at ways we can help our clients and improve their experience with us.

We help our clients with all their Accounting and Finance needs by using all the available Lambourne Partners services to assist them in today’s increasingly busy world.

It is of critical importance these services are implemented carefully and correctly, which is why we ensure we have highly experienced people in these areas with the ability to tailor solutions and advice to your needs and uphold the Lambourne values of caring for our clients whilst providing exceptional service.

Here are some of the areas that you may or may not be familiar with.

Lambourne Partners Finance

Is your mortgage interest rate the best on the market? Should you refinance? Are you looking to purchase a new home or investment? Do you need help in purchasing a new car or equipment for your business?

Our Finance team is here to assist you with all your finance needs and they have been successfully assisting many of our clients through the loan processes. They are experts in banking requirements, what’s needed for pre-approval, and could save you thousands of dollars. They will also give you your time back and take the stress out of dealing with banking processes.

You can be assured our team are working for you and looking for a custom fit for your circumstances, with access to over 40 banking facilities to find the right loan and structure for you and your business.

Lambourne Partners Wealth

Wondering about retirement, or if your superannuation is on track to meet your needs? Perhaps you have some questions regarding an investment portfolio?

Our Wealth management team is here to help you work more confidently towards your financial and lifestyle goals.

Some areas you may not be aware of where we can assist include advice relating to:

  • Choosing the right insurance options to protect your wealth
  • Personal injury compensation within the state service departments of the police, ambulance and fire
  • The aged care process.

Our team of advisors is always on hand to have a confidential discussion with you to ensure your needs and goals are being met.

Business Advisory

Is there something keeping you awake at night with your business? Wanting to expand or purchase business premises? Do you need accountability, strategic guidance or help with cashflow management?

We have a range of options designed to specifically address and help you within your business and personal goals. Our Business Advisory services can assist you in these areas.

Our Professional Networks

We have developed a large professional network of people we really trust who can help our clients with many of their needs. This network consists of solicitors, bookkeepers, conveyancers and insurance brokers, to name just a few.

How We Can Help

If you would like further information on our services and you are looking for a firm that will be with you across all your personal and business requirements, please contact Chad Nean below for a complimentary consultation.

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