by Jye Smith
As a Finance Broker with Lambourne Partners Finance I assist new and existing clients find an appropriate loan to suit their needs, leveraging industry knowledge and experience across a broad range of product options from multiple lenders.

In my previous lending roles as a Banker, I always had my clients’ best interests at heart but was restricted by only having one set of loan products to provide to my clients.  Now as a Finance Broker, I can better serve my clients’ best interests, having multiple options with access to hundreds of different loan products across 40+ lenders. All this can be completed as an obligation and fee-free service to you.

Here’s the wide variety of loan solutions for new and existing clients that we specialise in at Lambourne Partners Finance.

Home & Investment Property Loans
  • Refinancing – conducting a loan comparison to ensure your structure and rate are current in this competitive market. We have been having significant success in this area.
  • Pre-Approvals – we spend the time to make sure you can buy your next property with confidence. It is very important to be ready with the current pace in the property market.
  • Pre-lending Assessments – thinking of making that next purchase? We can show you what could be possible if you are thinking of buying your first home or another investment.
Business & Asset Loans
  • Tailored equipment finance for new assets – to help growth within your business.
  • Business motor vehicle finance – multiple lenders available to help you upgrade.
  • Commercial property finance – Pre-Lending Assessments, Pre-Approvals and refinancing.
  • Other commercial finance – including cash flow lending and short-term business loans.
Personal Debt Consolidation

Do you have several personal debts like unsecured personal loans or credit cards that are going nowhere? Refinancing all your debts into one loan facility can make it easier to manage your repayments. Ways we can help you with this might be:

  • Unlocking equity in your home – with record low interest rates coupled with the right structure, clients have benefited from full refinance and used their additional cash to pay out their personal debt.
  • Taking out a personal loan – rolling all your facilities into one loan can make it easier to manage and pay back rather than trying to maintain several facilities.

At Lambourne Partners Finance, we have a team of Finance Brokers with over 20 years of lending knowledge and experience. These finance solutions, coupled with the Lambourne Partners Wealth, Taxation and Business Advisory teams will see you on the right track with your financial freedom.

Just another way we help people create wealth.

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