by Ben Wilson
Across the past twelve months, Lambourne Partners Consulting has been fortunate to partner with our clients on their projects and developments across a diverse range of activities and industries.

Despite the somewhat turbulent trading conditions, you as our clients have brought forward some of the most interesting, innovative, and impactful projects we have been involved with to date.

We wanted to take this opportunity in the final month of the year to celebrate some of the year’s successes across our client network.


Software Transition and Financial Efficiency in Primary Production & Wholesaling

A primary production and wholesaling business faced operational disruptions amid a software transition initiated by a departing financial controller. Lambourne Partners Consulting stepped in, focusing on migrating data for nine entities to streamline operations and reduce processing time and costs. The software transition was successfully completed, and Lambourne Partners Consulting stepped into several functions the financial controller was previously undertaking. The works undertaken improved the monthly processing times by over five times, and the company has retained us ongoing due to these cost savings.

Read how we helped reduce processing hours by 65%:

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Debt Clearance Through Financial Management in Fabrication

In the industrial fabrication sector, a company grappled with financial challenges triggered by rising interest rates and directorship transitions. Lambourne Partners Consulting was engaged by the company to act as virtual CFO during the initial stages of this transition. Over this initial period, interest rates increased by almost 4%, presenting concerns for directors. Lambourne Partners and the director worked together to address this by formulating a strategic cashflow plan for debt clearance. The team executed this plan, successfully paying off a $4.2 million debt and saving the client $539,512 in interest within 12 months, thereby securing the financial health of the business.

Read how we helped save over $500k in interest:

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Labour Charge Analysis Boosts Margins in Mining Services

In the mining services sector, a large client operated a business with multiple distinct service offerings. One of the departments was consistently missing budget on jobs completed for the financial year to date. Through meticulous analysis we were able to identify the causes of the shortfall in the business, being a gap in the chargeable labour rate and cost. The Lambourne Partners Consulting team recalculated and implemented a new hourly charging rate, resulting in a remarkable 32% increase in achieved margins over the financial year. This initiative significantly improved the company’s profitability.

Read how we helped improve manufacturing gross margins by 32%:

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Strategic Planning Spurs International Expansion in Food Manufacturing

A food product manufacturing company sought Lambourne Partners Consulting‘s assistance in expanding internationally. Facing the challenge of entering a new market, the team provided strategic planning, leading to the establishment of an Overseas Joint Venture in India. This approach generated revenues exceeding $10 million, marking a successful foray into the international market.

Read how we helped our client drive $10m+ revenue from international expansion:

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Complex Modelling Secures $21 Million Funding for Tech & Robotics Startup

In the technology and robotics sector, a startup encountered challenges securing funding for an innovative mining robotics development. Lambourne Partners Consulting provided a detailed strategic model, securing approval for over $21 million in funding over 36 months. The team’s nuanced approach addressed complex financing requirements, paving the way for the successful implementation of the startup’s groundbreaking product within Australia’s largest mining operations.

Read how we helped secure over $21m in startup funding:

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